Drain System Plumbing

It’s time to finally move the design from paper to actual parts. The drain system is setup so that the water level in the tank is determined by the horizontal pipe at the top. The two capped ends will be used to vent any air by attaching some hosing. Ball valves provide full isolation for each drain. They also provide the capability for a quick 1/3 water change. The lowest drain in the tank will be used mainly for draining almost the whole tank if it’s needed. Total output at maximum drainage will be two full 1.5″ ABS pipes. The ball valves can potentially provide some more sophisticated flows but I don’t think I will use it that way very often, if ever.

Drain plumbing

A weakness of this system is all the threaded parts. The ball valve fittings to 1.5″ straight pipe is threaded and the connection to the drain bulkheads to the tanks is threaded. Any recommendations for good teflon tape for ABS piping? The taping job will probably determine if I have any leaks when it starts up.

Anyone see any fatal flaws in this setup?

It will drain from the two down going 1.5″ pipes into a 70G sump filter. At the end of the drain lines will be a DIY “muffler” installed inside the sump to try and minimize the noise of the whole system.


~ by canaquaticgardens on October 12, 2011.

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