Tank Startup

After the first dry run of the tank there were a few leaks in the plmbing that needed to be fixed.  There were two that I won’t admit to how they happened but let’s just put them on me.  The other two were because of a bad bulkhead installation.  I had to remove the bulkhead, scrape the inside glass free of silicone, re-seat the gasket and re-install the bulkhead.  I siliconed it in for good measure.  Here’s why I don’t make a living building aquariums:

Bulkhead fixed up

To get the bulkhead fixed and get at the other leaks the original plumbing had to have some pieces cut out and new fittings put in.  Here’s the right side of the tank before installing the new fittings.

Plumbing before fix installed

Left side plumbing before being fixed

and the new setup:

Plumbing fixed

finally holding water with no leaks:

First successful fill-up

This photo shows the tap for filling the tank and all the lights installed:

Full setup

and the nightlight shot:

Night light

I added the filter media today to get ready to cycle everything.  There is a 3″ layer of foam on the left and 56 pot scrubbies with some java rock on them to hold them down.  I’ll add some polishing fill when I get the tank filled again and sump running.

Filter media

I also got my substrate today.  14 bags of Netlea brown.  Looks really good.  It’s a nice grain size, and looks pretty good in the cloudy water so far.

Netlea brown substrate

Netlea brown substrate

Before I put the substrate in I had to touch up the manzanita arrangement.  Got some rocks under it to tilt it in the right direction, moved a few branches around and also added some rocks where I want to add some depth to the layout.  Here’s the final layout of the tank before adding the substrate:

Final tank layout

Angled shot

Left side view

Right side view

Obviously the giant ugly rock in the arrangement won’t stay.  It’s there to make sure the wood doesn’t float up on me and ruin the layout.

I’ve got the substrate in and am filling the tank up as I write this.  Here’s a shot from a few minutes ago.

Hopefully the last fill-up

Just have to get my heater ordered and my CO2 canister filled up now and the tank will be fully ready to go. The substrate scaping is going to have to wait until the tank clears up.


~ by canaquaticgardens on November 17, 2011.

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