Update Jan 1

Update Jan 1


Been playing with my camera.  Finally spending the time to learn how to use it beyond point and shoot.  This shot seems a bit underexposed still so probably will need to adjust some settings but it’s definitely an improvement from before.  Quick update on the tank, the wendtii ‘bronze’ is starting to grow back after completely melting.  The cordata is basically still all melted.  2 plants have started to just shoot out of the ground but just barely.  The balansae, ponderfolia and apongenton in the back has been growing well the last couple weeks.  It’s fully recovered.  The anubias and parva have signs of growth but very slow as you would expect.


I’ve lost 3 panda corys and 2 otos.  I’ve seen all the plecos except one clown pleco but no body so I think both clowns are still alive.  About another dozen ghost shrimp have bit the dust so I figure there is about 75-85 left.

I’ve adjusted the drainage setup to eliminate some noise.  I’ll have a post on the new setup sometime soon.  I’m also looking at a new return pump.  The Quiet One 9000 I have is not so quiet.  I’m looking at the Reeflo Snapper Gold to replace it but am still considering options.  Any suggestions for quiet return pumps around 2000GPH?




~ by canaquaticgardens on January 2, 2012.

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